Find out more about our Israel Option admissions, tuition, credit policies, and student responsibilities.

How to Apply

Students interested in Israel study should apply to both Touro College Los Angeles and the desired Israeli institution. Admission to the Israeli institution does not guarantee admission to TCLA.

Students admitted to Touro College Los Angeles on a probationary or non-matriculated basis or students residing outside of the US may not participate in the Israel Option.

Upon acceptance to Touro College Los Angeles, admitted students interested in the Touro College Los Angeles Israel Option (TCLAIO) will receive a Tuition Contract to Participate in the TCLAIO. After submission of the tuition contract, the contract will be reviewed and a determination will be made. If approved, the student must submit all requested documents and make appropriate tuition payments to Touro College Los Angeles prior to their departure to Israel. 

Tuition and Aid

Students who complete and submit all required documents by June 15th are eligible for the discounted administrative fee of $1,100. Starting June 16 the enrollment fee will be $1,250. If paid on or after August 15, the fee will be $1,500. Students who complete their year in Israel, will receive a tuition credit of $550 towards their third semester when returning to Touro College Los Angeles.

The administrative fee and all tuition to the Israeli institution is payable online to the Touro College Bursar. Detailed instructions will be included with the Tuition Contract.

TCLAIO students can elect to pay their tuition through “529” accounts and/or may be eligible to receive federal tax credits for tuition paid to Touro College Los Angeles. Please contact your accountant for additional information.

TCLAIO students may qualify for government grants and student loans; we urge you to explore all of your financial aid options.

Credits, Grades, Transcripts

Students who successfully complete a year of full-time study in Israel may earn up to 36 credits if enrolled in the Touro College Los Angeles Israel Option (TCLAIO). They may earn 24 credits directly from Israel Option courses, and up to an additional 12 transfer credits upon their return to Touro College Los Angeles. Grades earned in Israel Option courses will appear on students’ transcripts, and are calculated in their Touro academic record. The grading system for these courses follows the American system, with letter grades A to F, for all courses with a written or oral final exam. Students may select three courses per year to be taken on a Pass/Fail basis.

Enrollment with Touro College Los Angeles TCLAIO Program is a mutual commitment. We expect students to complete their undergraduate studies at TCLA. Only Touro College Los Angeles students are eligible to participate in the TCLAIO. Students may not hold a deferral at another institution during their time in the Touro College Los Angeles Israel Option program. If you are holding a deferral at another college, you are not eligible to participate in the TCLAIO.  

Student Responsibilities

Students should complete their course registration in the fall and spring on the dates designated by the Touro College Israel office. These dates are posted in advance at participating schools. Failure to register by the end of November for the fall and February for the spring will jeopardize the awarding of credits. We do not disperse financial aid until registration is confirmed each semester.

To help TCLAIO students plan their academic programs, Touro faculty and deans prepare several mandatory meetings and presentations. Students are required to attend.

Finally, TCLAIO students must take the Tzomet Personality and Career Indicator, which is usually administered during the fall semester. 

Support Services in Israel

Dr. Chana Sosevsky, the TCIO Resident Director, coordinates counseling and advisement services for students in Israel.

At the beginning of each academic year, the Resident Director and Dean of Students conduct an on-site orientation program to introduce TCIO students to the organization of the Israel Option program, process for awarding credits, details of the grading system, and academic majors and pre-professional options available at Touro College.

Dr. Sosevsky and her staff are available to assist students with any questions they may have, provide career guidance, and help students understand requirements and plan their course of study for the year following their stay in Israel.

The Israel Option Office is open Sunday through Friday, and is located at the Touro Israel Center:

11 Beit Hadfus Street in Givat Shaul, Jerusalem
Phone: (02) 651-0900 x3

Israel School Transfer, Withdrawal, and Refund Policies

Students may, for a variety of reasons, wish to withdraw from the TCIO or transfer from one institution to another.  In such cases, Touro is not responsible for any financial obligation toward the Israeli school.  Furthermore, students may jeopardize the awarding of college credits and financial aid by transferring.  Students should notify the Touro College Resident Director immediately if they plan to switch schools. 

Students who have pre-registered by signing the Contract to Participate in the Israel Option may decide to withdraw from the program by informing the Touro Israel Office and completing a Withdrawal Form. Requests for withdrawal must be received by November 30 (fall) or March 15 (spring).

Students who withdraw before the deadline in the fall will receive a maximum refund of $850 of the total Israel Option fee paid. Students who withdraw in the spring semester will not receive any refund of the Israel Option fee. Please note that the Touro Israel Option fee of $900 includes a $50 non-refundable tuition deposit.