Higher Education in a Torah Observant Environment

Touro College Los Angeles, with separate men’s and women’s divisions, founded under the leadership of Dr. Esther Lowy, a"h, enrolled its first class in Fall 2005. We give students the opportunity to combine Judaic studies with liberal arts and pre-professional courses in a supportive, Torah-observant environment. Currently, baccalaureate degree programs are offered in business, psychology and Judaic studies. The College’s Jewish atmosphere enhances Jewish identity and strengthens students’ self-esteem.

Student Success Comes First

Every facet of the TCLA experience is designed to help Orthodox students thrive – from our innovative curriculum and schedule to our programs and personal support services.

A Community that Cares

Our student body is small and selective, and we cultivate an atmosphere of respect and genuine concern about each other’s well-being that lasts long after graduation. 

Continuing the Touro Tradition

As part of the Touro College and University system, TCLA upholds Touro’s mission to perpetuate and enrich the Jewish tradition while preparing students to succeed, to serve, and to lead in their communities. We are committed to being a premier institution of higher learning, which serves and produces educated, self-actualized graduates who exemplify professional practice, integrity, and the values of the Touro mission in their lives.