Cal Grants

The Cal Grant Program is a state-funded educational opportunity grant program to assist students in paying for a college education. 

The amount of Cal Grant awarded varies depending on the California State Budget authorization each year. All applicants must submit a FAFSA and GPA Verification Form by published deadlines, usually March 2 of the previous academic year.

Students who qualify for a Cal Grant and submit their completed applications by the deadline will receive a notification letter from the California Student Aid Commission announcing the results. Students may also check on the status of their Cal Grants application online at All Cal Grant applicants are considered for a Cal Grant A, B, or C, but students may only receive benefits from one Cal Grant program at a time.

A, B or C

Cal Grant A provides grant funds to help pay tuition/fees for California residents at qualifying institutions offering baccalaureate degree programs. If a student receives a Cal Grant A award but decides to attend a California Community College first, the student may choose to hold his or her award in reserve for up to two years. A 3.0 GPA is required to qualify for Cal Grant A. 

Cal Grant B provides grant funds for access costs for low-income students in an amount not to exceed $1,656. This grant is to be used for living expenses and expenses related to transportation, supplies, and books. Beginning with the second year of Cal Grant B benefits, Cal Grant B also helps pay for tuition/fees for California residents attending qualifying institutions offering baccalaureate degree programs. A 2.0 GPA is required to qualify for Cal Grant B. 

Touro College Los Angeles students are not eligible for Cal Grant C, which assists students with tuition/fee and training costs for occupational or vocational programs. To avoid the possibility of unnecessary delays in the process, students are strongly encouraged to seek the assistance of the financial aid staff both when completing their FAFSAs and GPA Verification Forms and when responding to other state inquires.