Admissions & Aid

If you are prepared to make positive contributions to our classrooms, our campus culture, and our Jewish community, we encourage you to apply.  

We offer our students a truly unique environment and experience – one that sustains and strengthens their values, while preparing them for the road ahead.

Apply to Touro College Los Angeles today.

We have rolling admissions for each of our three semesters - Fall, Spring, and Summer. We encourage you to apply by the following dates for first consideration and to avoid late fees:

TCLA Fall Semester: June 15 (Israel Option: May 15)
TCLA Spring Semester: December 31
TCLA Summer Semester: May 15

Who Should Apply

Students who have completed a minimum of their junior year of high school are welcome to apply.

In reviewing applications, we consider factors such as academic record and standardized test scores, the high school attended, the applicant’s character, interests, extra-curricular activities and potential contribution to the TCLA community, in addition to the applicant’s ability to benefit from the type of education offered at TCLA.

We welcome international and transfer students. International students should consult with our International Student Services office to help with additional requirements and forms.

Touro College does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, age, disability, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its policies.


Admissions Director
Touro College Los Angeles
(323) 822-9700 x85155

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