Judaic Studies

Spend four years in concentrated study of Jewish thought, ethics, and history.

Students who want to pursue an interdisciplinary and intensive education in the Jewish heritage may pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Judaic Studies, with a focus on Jewish education.

What You’ll Learn

With a dual focus on Jewish thought and education, students examine and analyze a number of canonical Jewish texts and engage in critical thought and discussion about Jewish heritage, ethos and values, as well as learn effective methods of teaching, theories of education, and the methodology of classroom management.

The major provides a strong foundation on which to pursue a graduate degree in Jewish or religious studies, though students can certainly apply their learning toward professional degrees in education, business, law, social work and other areas. This major formally trains students in teaching grades 1-6.

To earn your degree, you must complete 48 credits in Jewish Studies, which may include courses offered through other departments. We recommend you consult with your advisor to plan your course of study.