Advisement and Counseling

Our faculty and staff are committed to your success, now and in the future.

The dean, the director of student advisement, and the faculty collaborate to offer academic, professional, and personal guidance to every TCLA student.

Academic Advisement
We will help you explore your interests and identify your strengths so that you can choose the right major and consider your options for the future.

We can also assist you in selecting and registering for courses to ensure that you graduate on time and fully prepared to start a career or apply for graduate school.

Professional Guidance
Whether you want to complete an internship for credit or find part- or full-time employment, we can help you prepare for and connect to the right opportunities. TCLA also regularly participates in career fairs – all students are encouraged to attend.

We guide students through the process of selecting and applying to graduate and professional programs in fields such as law, medicine, business, education, and speech/language therapy, among others.

Personal Counseling
We schedule one-on-one meetings with each student throughout the year to monitor their academic progress and personal well-being. We can help provide any additional support or referrals you may need to thrive at TCLA.